Four: A Divergent Collection

18126198Goodreads Synopsis:

Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice, the sixteen-year-old son of Abnegation’s faction leader did the same. Tobias’s transfer to Dauntless is a chance to begin again. Here, he will not be called the name his parents gave him. Here, he will not let fear turn him into a cowering child.

Newly christened “Four,” he discovers during initiation that he will succeed in Dauntless. Initiation is only the beginning, though; Four must claim his place in the Dauntless hierarchy. His decisions will affect future initiates as well as uncover secrets that could threaten his own future—and the future of the entire faction system.

Two years later, Four is poised to take action, but the course is still unclear. The first new initiate who jumps into the net might change all that. With her, the way to righting their world might become clear. With her, it might become possible to be Tobias once again.

To begin, I am not one to read novellas, but it came in my box set, so of course I decided to read it. Plus, it was recommended by my sorority little sister!

Anywho, this book made me so happy. I love being able to learn more about Tobias. We see him transform from Tobias the “Stiff” and son of Marcus, to Four, the Divergent and future leader of the rebellion. And in all honesty, seeing this transition for Four, makes me love him so much more. I would love to see these played out in some deleted scenes of sort or a short TV movie.

HOWEVER, I am glad I read it AFTER I finished the Divergent Series, because Four/Tobias’s mysterious demeanor was not hindered by reading his backstory first. Four is meant to be mysterious, and I feel reading this book first would have ruined the series for me.

I can’t really put into words how these four short stories made me  feel. If you’ve read the entire Divergent Series, I would definitely check this out.

Here’s Theo James for your viewing pleasures: