Now Hotter By One Degree – What’s Next?


A wise teacher by the name of Mr. Feeny  (from Boy Meets World) once said, “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” I put that quote on my graduation cap – well “yourselves” wouldn’t fit, so I just put “yourself” – because Mr. Feeny is the ultimate teacher to aspire to and it encompasses my sorority, Delta Gamma’s, motto – Do Good. As of May 14, 2016, I am an alumna from the University of Nevada, Reno. I have also become an alumna from Delta Gamma.

I have mixed feelings about this recent life event. Granted, I now have a college education and degree, but I don’t feel any different. The full extent hasn’t hit me yet. I plan on starting my credential program soon – probably in July for a couple prerequisites and August for the actual credential program. I plan on getting my substitute teaching license so I can sub in the afternoons and one day a week – just to get my foot in the door with the local school district. My ultimate goal is to land a paid internship for August 2017 when I have to student teach.

Until then, I have plans, BIG plans! I am boarding a plane THIS TUESDAY – May 24th – in San Francisco and flying to Orlando, Florida! I will be visiting Universal Studios and Disney World – but the whole point of this graduation trip is to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Through my mom’s job, we scored awesome Universal tickets – 4 Day Park Hoppers for the price of the 2 Day tickets. We only plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom and Epcot parks at Disney World. As for our last day we are going to swim with manatees! I am beyond excited for this trip – my bags are already packed and sitting next to the front door (Yes, I know it is only Thursday).

Then in August, I am hopping on a plane again and heading to New York. The primary reason for this trip is because my boyfriend is the Best Man in his best friend’s vow renewal in upstate New York. But, the wedding is August 19th, and my birthday is the 23rd, so we’re staying til the 24th so we can visit and hang out in New York City because I’ve never been. Currently, I am praying to all the gods that I win the Hamilton lottery, because I am obsessed with the soundtrack and have been dying to see the play. Ah wishful thinking.

That’s all for now, enjoy the pictures from my graduation! If you need me, I’ll be buried under my piles of books. Stay tuned for my vacation recap! You can also see my trip via Instagram (@brunettewithabook), via Twitter (@Shelbaby94 [personal account] or @brunette_book [book-related account]) or via Snapchat (add me: Shelbaby24).

Happy reading lovelies!

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