October 2015 Monthly Wrap Up

Hello friends! I know it is now November, but I still wanted to post my very short wrap up for the month of October. Sadly this semester had a rough start with some personal and family issues. As soon as it was all over, it was midterms, then all of my term papers were due, then I started finals. I have already finished three of my six classes, so all I have left is 1 term paper, 1 final, 2 projects, and a semester reflection left in my other three classes!

Another reason I’ve been so busy is because I’ve been promoted! I am no longer an Assistant Preschool Teacher, but the Lead Preschool Teacher of three different classes! I’m really excited because it’s getting some teaching experiencing under my belt before applying to a Elementary Education credential program this coming spring.

Between teaching, nannying, and 18 credits worth of classes, I am super busy! But I am extremely grateful for my followers that have reached out and asked me how I have been and if I was returning any time soon. The answer is of course! I love you all so much and your patience during this very busy time is appreciated! For November I am participating in a Book Spotlight that will be posted soon, as well as hopefully catching up on all my ARCs I need to get through!

I cannot wait to see what November’s readings bring me! Happy reading lovelies! (And stay warm!)


  1. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (For school and funsies) **REVIEW COMING SOON
  2. The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy (For school)
  3. How Rabbit Lost His Tail by Ann Tompert (For school)
  4. I am Jackie Robinson by Brad Meltzer (For school)

# OF PAGES this month: 247 (Sadness…)

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 81/100



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