What Is A Friend?

I’ve noticed as I get older it is harder to keep friends. Yes, we’re all on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter, but how many of your high school friends do you still talk to?

For me, I talk to the ones my boyfriend is still friends with. I also talk to the ones I work with, but I never hang out with them. High school friends just disappeared after high school and exist solely through social media. College is the same way. We’re on social media, but once you leave, you don’t hang out.

I’ve run into this recently since I decided to finish my senior year online (and saving $13,000 already thanks to living at home and getting a tuition break because I’m a “distance-education” student). I’m considered “Study Abroad” through my sorority, but now that I’m home, my schedule consists of teaching preschool/gymnastics programs in the morning and nannying all afternoon and evening, all while taking 18 credits online. The only time I see my boyfriend is when I’m at his house working on homework every night. My friends here in my hometown are those that are friends with my boyfriend or his sisters.

How does one make friends at the age of 21 when they work with high schoolers or people who are in their late thrities and older? Or they spend a majority of their time locked in a house with a baby every afternoon to late evening.

I can go to the gym, but I really don’t want to bring any more attention to myself than necessary, so no making buddies in Pilates or yoga class. I have my friends from bookworm community, but none of them live near me, so the point is moot. How do I make friends when I’m not in the same classes, let alone same school as anyone my age here in town?

I need friends that I can hang out with regularly, but understand my busy schedule. I don’t want flakey friends that never want to take the initiative to hang out with me, when I am taking the time to move around my busy schedule to accommodate their schedule, only for them to be busy with other things.

I just want friends; true friends that will always stand by your side, not ones who disappear as soon as thee going gets rough. Is that too much to ask for?


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