The One Thing


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I laughed.

I cried.

I laughed out loud.

My heart stopped beating.

I nearly threw my tablet at the wall in frustration.

I fell in love with the story and characters.

From the outside, I wouldn’t have guessed this book could make me experience a roller coaster of emotions, but I was wrong. It is difficult to put into words the feelings I experienced reading this book. It felt so realistic that I believed I was experiencing these events alongside Maggie, Ben, and Mason. I felt the frustration, pain, relief, and happiness with each one of the characters.

We first meet the main character, Maggie, during a visit with her probation officer where she immediately draws you in with her sass and sarcasm. As she leaves the office, she slips on ice cream and hits her head. Opening her eyes she freaks out because she can see a little boy standing over her, despite the fact that she has been blind for the past six months. She is equally entranced and confused that she can see the flirtatious ten year-old boy, so she ends up going to the little boy’s house for dinner to see if she is really crazy.

The next day, Maggie believes she dreamed the entire thing since she could no longer see. A crazy thought crosses her mind – maybe she can only see because of the little boy, Ben? Needless to say, she forms an unlikely friendship with Ben, who flirtatiously invites her into his home and family. We also learn Ben’s older brother, Mason, happens to be the lead singer of Maggie’s favorite band, Loose Cannons, but she didn’t know because she was already blind before they became popular. The personalities and hilariousness of the characters kept me reading and entertained from beginning to end. I hated putting the book down.

Regardless of how the story ended and my blubbery mess of emotions, I am thankful and appreciate that I was able to receive an e-ARC of this novel. It reminded me:

  • To embrace the curve-balls life throws at you.
  • To love the ones your with.
  • Don’t back down.
  • To look at the world differently.
  • That “…circumstances don’t change us. They reveal us.”

This ever-inspiring novel has been put on my list of favorite reads and my list of Books-I-Wished-Were-Turned-Into-Movies. I am excited for the official release of the book on September 8th – better believe I’m scooping up a copy for myself!

Thank you again to Marci Lyn Curtis and Disney-Hyperion for the opportunity to read this amazingly epic book.

My next review will be of Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews! Happy reading lovelies!


One thought on “The One Thing

  1. Oh wow, this book seems awesome! Those reminders are what I believe everyone needs now and then – so what better way to learn it through a good book?♥ A good review!


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