Pitch Perfect 2

pitch-perfect-2-pp2_rgbI decided to tag along with my sister and her friends to the movies where we saw the highly anticipated, Pitch Perfect 2 on their Senior Ditch Day. Yes, we are reunited with out favorite cast, and welcomed new-comers Hailee Steinfeld as Emily and Chrissie Fit as Flo (even though they never really introduce her in the film). It hasn’t been out over a week and it’s already made over $100 million at the box office. But just because it’s made that much money doesn’t mean it’s actually a good movie.

In a lot of ways it’s like the first, except the first movie focuses on Becca and her journey into the acapella world where she helps the Bellas out of their slump. This movie had no definite focus on a particular character. They focused a lot on new-comer Hailee Steinfeld’s character, Emily, but then would bring back the focus of Becca or the Bellas in general. Not to mention they put characters Jessica (played by Kelley Jakle) and Ashley (played by Shelley Regner) were put on the back burner again. Literally, the only reason I know who’s who between the two of them is because I’m writing this post. They’ve been part of the Bellas since the beginning and they barely get any screen time or are in promo posters. Like why bring back the original cast if you’re not going to use them.

I really didn’t know what the movie was supposed to be about since they kept jumping from character to character and then with the whole mix of Acapella Worlds, it was a little hard to follow. The songs were not the best, and in all honesty I enjoyed the songs and performances of the German rival group, Das Sound Machine, a lot better. Their singing mixed with their accents just made it more intriguing to watch and listen.

The humor seemed a little dry at times, but definitely included a lot more racial, nudity, and inappropriate jokes like the first film. I just felt like the characters/ movie was trying too hard to make me laugh and I couldn’t help but not laugh at some of the things they said. I also felt like they were making way too much happen in the movie during their two hour time limit. I left without feeling the goosebumps I felt during the first film. I don’t plan on buying this soundtrack and I’m not sure about buying the movie when it comes out, but the movie was not up to my expectations. The hype did not live up to it’s potential and the “talk” of there being a third – please, do not make a third, we’re better off without it.



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