End of Semester Blues

It’s time of the year again – end of semester blues. I’m so close to summer break – you know, the time where I’ll still be taking two upper division online classes…But still! I’m ready to move home and reorganize my bookshelf! And coach gymnastics/cheer! And be able to see my family and boyfriend whenever I want!

Somehow I lucked out and have all three of my finals on the first day of finals (May 7th – I already took one for my online class and  don’t have one in my diversity class since he’s leaving for Romania on Dead Day). But I’m required to work until May 15th – awe man I have to stay an extra week to work eight hour days for six days. More like cha-ching for summer. (Please click this link to see video of how I will feel)

As of right now (Friday, April 24th, 2015) I have a total of:

  • 7 days of actual classes (not including weekends)
  • 7 days until I make a quick trip home to see my boyfriend and family (Robert’s turning 21! #FinallyLegal), plus River’s having puppies sometime next week, so I get to play with fresh puppies!
  • 12 days until Dead Day (including weekends) – officially signifying the of the semester
  • 13 days until all my finals – officially done with this semester
  • 14 days until I make another trip to move more of my crap home (plus grandpa’s birthday and mother’s day)
  • 21 days until Pitch Perfect 2 comes out – an important event to commemorate.
  • 22 days until I get to see one of my close friends graduate from UNR before moving out of my sorority house for the last time – bitter sweet, I love my sorority  and my sorority house, but I’m ready to not share a bedroom/bathroom with other girls. I am NOT ready to start cooking for myself; I’ll miss you and your delicious food Chef Roland.
  • 22 days until I move home just in time to see my sister take her prom pictures! And then unloading my car after she leaves for prom.
  • 22 days until I’m home for three months
  • 24 days until I start in on my summer classes – boring – as well as starting my summer gymnastics class schedule #GymnasticsSummerCamp2k15 #CheerSummerCamp2k15
  • 60 days until my baby sister graduates from high school!
  • 113 days until I move into my first apartment – just got approved today! Signing my lease tomorrow 🙂
  • 121 days until Sunday, August 23rd a.k.a. my 21st birthday! #FourMonthsUntilLegal

This semester has been fun and gone by extremely quickly! I can’t believe I’m SO close to being #SeniorStatus.But since it’s the end of the semester that means lots of projects, extra credit, extra hours of studying, and random brain break dance parties while studying meaning less time for reading – which is why it’s taking me FOREVER to read It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Hopefully, I can get it down by this weekend! I don’t have a whole lot to do other than laundry.

Love you all! Happy reading lovelies! And may the final curve be in your favor!


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