A Trip Down Reality Lane

downloadAh another book from Ian Thomas Malone. The cover and title prove that we are joining the main character on a psychedelic adventure. Here is the Goodreads synopsis:

For a junior pursuing a degree in English with no plans for his future, living in the present is far better than the alternative.

One morning he wakes up and embarks on an acid trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with two of his friends.

A step outside reality might be the best way to come back down to earth…

Along the way, the three friends discover what matters most to them, and more importantly, that life is not so much about answers as it is about the exploration of the questions.

When the real world doesn’t quite cut it, take a journey down the rabbit hole.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I, for one, have never taken any sort of drug, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when the book said we would be taking a trip down the rabbit hole. In my mind, I imagined the adventure would be like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s high adventure from 21 Jump Street, but it wasn’t. It was calmer, with very philosophical outlooks on life and the things the characters encountered. The narrator and a guy named Charles take a minor character named James on this LSD adventure where they visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and a theater to see The Lion King in 3-D.
This book is a lot more laugh out loud than Malone’s previous Five College Dialogues , but he does ponder an important question of what he wants to do with his life after college. No one knows what they want to do when they’re in college – a.k.a. reason why I’ve been a Journalism, Anthropology, Early Childhood Education Major, and a Human Development and Family Studies minor before finally settling on Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education and a minor in Developmental Disabilities. What impact are you going to leave on this world?

The book itself is laid heavily in sarcasm and is ridiculously funny. But as I read it, several things sounded as though the narrator/main character, that we never learn the name of, is the author himself. He mentions his stuffed animal collection, goes to school in Boston, is an English major, etc. etc., and the list can go on. I wonder if maybe it’s based on Malone’s college adventures, regardless he gives his audience great advice: Be afraid to make mistakes, that just means that whatever you’re trying to gain is really worth having.

I recommend checking this book out! Malone also has another book out in less than two weeks – Five More College Dialogues, the sequel to Five College Dialogues. Look for my next review of 45 Pounds (More or Less) by K.A. Barson. Happy reading bookworms!

One thought on “A Trip Down Reality Lane

  1. Great blog title! I’m another Brunette with a Book always in hand. You’ve reminded me I need to catch up on some Literary Intentions blogging of my own – reading a Book A Week. Thanks!


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