Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

downloadFor those of you that don’t know, I’m exhausted! The amount of times I have fallen asleep reading Harry Potter makes me sad. I am happy to finally be finished with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince though – even if it did take forever!

One thing I totally forgot about was the entire first chapter! It’s titled “The Other Minister”, and it focuses on the Minister of Magic and the Prime Minister of Britain. Re-reading has me me totally mind-blown that the two governments actually inter-relate with each other.

I finally understand horcruxes – well better that is. Re-reading the series has showed me the little bits and pieces of foreshadowing to Harry’s learning of horcruxes – especially in Order of the Phoenix – and it just makes so much sense! I just wish the movie could have shown it better since it confuses the heck out of my parents every time they watch the movie and they end of asking me a billion and one questions.

I like this book because it not only shows Voldemort’s past, but it also shows our favorite trio and their friends growing up. They’re on their house quidditch team (and captain), they’re prefects, they’re learning to Apparate, they’re taking N.E.W.T. level courses for their future careers, and they’re falling in love. The entire Ron-Hermione-love-hate-jealousy relationship throughout the entire book irritates me. There were several times where I would yell at them for being so stupid. Harry was right to worry about their friendship if they ever did get together and break up, but do you really think J.K. Rowling would do that to our hearts? I think not. Harry falling in love with Ginny was kind of abrupt, but book Harry and Ginny make a perfect couple unlike movie Harry and Ginny. I pretty much hate movie version of Ginny, but more on that in my final Harry Potter post.

I know we’re going to learn more about Dumbledore’s death in the next book, but the whole ending scene at the tower was so quick. And they didn’t even put Dumbledore’s funeral in the movie! I feel like after being such a major part of the story line, they could at least give him a proper remembrance.  And in all honesty, when the book first came out, I always suspected Voldemort to be the Half-Blood Prince – “Prince” before becoming “Lord”, the Potions textbook had been published around the time when he was still at Hogwarts, and he had a knack for all school subjects, it seems only fitting he would make notes in his books as well as creating hexes and jinxes of his own. But no it was Snape. When the Malfoy/Harry duel scene with Sectumsempra, I thought Snape was concerned because Harry could have found something from Voldemort, not Snape’s old textbook…Oh well.

I’m glad to almost be finished! My next post will be about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows of course. PLUS, I’m doing an all series wrap up as well! Looking forward to being done with this so I can start reading my March Reading List! Happy reading!


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