Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry_Potter_and_the_Goblet_of_Fire_(US_cover)Sorry for the uber-late post! I just started a new job (a student worker for the Head Start, Early Head Start, and Early Childhood Education program on and off campus!) So this week has been super busy! I go from work to class to work – depending on the day I also volunteer in a special education classroom for one of my classes. I have so much to do in so little time that I actually have to schedule time to go to the gym, drive, eat, shower, and do homework. And somehow I still manage to find time to read 🙂

Any who…Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my number one favorite in the series (Deathly Hollows is 2nd, but you’ll learn why later!). This book is one of the first longer ones – 734 pages, yikes! – but it includes so much detail that if it wasn’t there, the story would absolutely suck. It shows us an ancient wizard tradition, the Triwizard Tournament, where Europe’s three schools of wizardry compete for honor and glory. The age to participate is seventeen, lucky for Harry since he’s only fourteen…right? Just kidding! J.K. Rowling wouldn’t have a story line if Harry wasn’t somehow involved in the book’s major events.

Goblet of Fire is just so fun. Harry gets to attend the Quidditch World Cup; go up against dragons, mermaids, and the maze of horror (very dangerous I know); the students get to attend a ball; PLUS Harry sees Voldemort (I’m not afraid to say that cuckoo’s name) rise from the…cauldron? Of course no one believes Harry. Voldemort back? Oh heavens no! But yes he is, and sadly one person suffered the consequence, poor Cedric. This is also the book where the shipping of Ron and Hermione begins!!! I just love how jealous Ron gets in this book!

Definitely READ THE BOOKS! They’re the best, and anyone who tells you differently, obviously never got their Hogwarts letter (I did – Christmas present from my little sister, still counts right?). Look out for my next post about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sometime next week! Happy reading!


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