Paper Towns

PaperTowns2009_6AYes I am currently on that John Green hype – and proud of it. I have come to love Green’s books because of some things – lovable, quirky characters and an equally crazy story line. I mean seriously, who breaks into SeaWorld in the middle of the night or leaves thirteen pounds of catfish in their enemies rooms? I wish I could go on these adventures with his characters, because there is absolutely no way I would ever be able to get away with it on my own.  Another reason I love John Green, he is one sassy, sarcastic guy. How he comes up with some of those perfect one-liners of sarcastic gold is beyond me.

I did something different with this book than I have any other – I read it aloud to my boyfriend’s six year old niece every day this week (and replacing bad words and names with words like ‘poop-muncher’). She loved it, at one point she even yelled at me not to read the next chapter without her – which is why it also took a little bit longer to read. If she loved it, you’ll love it.Nonetheless, the book is awesome, which is why they made it into a movie and will be hitting your big screens June 4, 2015!

It’s hard to describe the plot of this book since they go from the girl getting revenge to trying to get the girl back from wherever she ran away to. In the end all the clues makes sense and everyone lives happily ever after – or do they? It is a John Green novel after all! When you get a chance, read it before it hits the big screen in June!

Next up will be continuing the John Green hype by reading Looking for Alaska. Happy reading!


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