Hire me! Hire me!

I hate looking for jobs. By the time I even get an interview it’s too late for me to even work there because I’ll be there for a month before summer starts and I move back home. I wish I could get paid for blogging and reading books and going to school, but for some reason in this society, that just isn’t possible. It blows my mind that I spend so much money going to school and receive very little help from the government – please excuse me while we try to pull $4,000 out of thin air to pay for the rest of my tuition. And forget scholarships. I spend countless hours a week applying to scholarships in order to help pay tuition/rent/books etc, guess how much money I’ve received from all the scholarships I’ve applied to in the last four years? A whole $0.00. I know people that have a worse GPA than me and are suddenly given scholarships out of nowhere that they didn’t even apply for. Like ‘Hey financial aid! Over here! Give free money to those of us that actually need it!” But they don’t. Instead let me just rack up thousands and thousands of dollars of student loan debt that will take me years to pay back! Thank you for giving me a wonderful goal to strive to!
If anyone has any logical ideas to earn some money, let me know. Not really wanting to sell Mary Kay or anything like that, I like working, heck I’ll even become your online assistant. Just make sure it’s 100% legal and I can work around my school schedule. Thanks! Happy reading!

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