Let’s Get Lost

18812437I want to get lost. This book has made me want to get lost. Forget the Disney World/Universal Studios/Harry Potter World graduation trip in the summer of 2017. I want to go on a cross country road trip and get lost. The main character, Leila, went by herself – I would take at least one person with me, whether it was my best friend or my boyfriend. This book is different, it’s broken up into five point of views – Hudson, Bree, Elliott, Sonia, and Leila. Leila is the common thread between them all – each one meets her during her trip across the country, but only for one day/night and then she’s on her way again. She also seems to pop up the minute their lives are chaotic and helps them put the pieces back together.

It took me a whole point of view to really get into the book. It was like I had to take a break after each seven chapter point of view. With Hudson’s POV, I definitely needed a break – it just ended with him and Leila fighting, no happily ever after. I trudged on through the other three POVs, it was great reading about them along Leila’s adventure, but I wanted to know one thing – what was Leila’s story? She didn’t reveal much during each encounter, I was thankful for her point of view at the end, but it didn’t reflect on her encounters on her trip, just the encounters in the present as she finished the last leg of her journey to Alaska.

This book was good and deserves more recognition, the only thing bad I have to say about the book was that it was written by a UNLV Rebel – BLAH! Nevada Wolfpack pride! Nonetheless, it has inspired me to get lost, and maybe you should too sometime! Happy reading and check out my next review of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (currently on that John Green hype).


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