To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

downloadAh, this lighthearted story follows Lara Jean, a junior in high school who has just had her life turned upside down, but not because of tragedy. Well, I guess you could call your deepest love letters being mailed to the guys you wrote them to, indeed a tragedy, at least in a teenage girl’s mind. Lara Jean never meant for these letters to be read – ever. She would write out her deepest feelings as to why she no longer loved these boys,before signing, sealing, and then hiding them in a hatbox in her room. They were never meant to be seen. But suddenly boys are coming up to her talking to her about the letter she wrote – some as early as eighth grade – sending her into a frenzy.

I have read Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy as well (hopefully will re-read this summer!) and I love the way she writes her characters, You can’t help but fall in love with them – they’re relatable and funny. I can remember myself writing letters to those I didn’t like or no longer loved or were no longer friends with. I used to keep my notebook hidden under my mattress, I mean who would ever look there? After growing up some and going off to college, I got burned the notebook – only after I read through it and laughed at everything I wrote. I probably would have cried and went into hiding if anyone read what I wrote about them.

I figured two things while reading this book. One, I knew eventually Lara Jean’s sister, Margot, would find out that her ex-boyfriend kissed Lara Jean. And two, there would be a happily ever after, but that’s the thing, there wasn’t. Obviously Lara Jean didn’t end up with Josh – it’s her sister’s ex-boyfriend who is still in love with her sister – BUT it doesn’t say she ends up with Peter either. Yes, Peter is kind of a douchey sleezeball in the beginning, but as we went deeper into the story, we learn he actually is a pretty great guy and we kinda sorta fall in love with him. I was rooting for them. I wish I could tell you if they end up together, but I can’t because no one knows except the author Jenny Han. We were simply left with Lara Jean writing Peter a love letter in the end. I was disappointed, but it just gives me the opportunity to imagine Peter and Lara Jean’s happily ever after on my own.

Happy reading and look out for my next review of The View from the Top by Hillary Frank.


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