A Million Suns

10345927 REVIEW 

How anyone could come up with such a broad story line is pure genius. If you read on, you’ll see how this book is full of twists, turns, and insane story plots. Like the first novel, I was hooked. I could not put it down and it just made me want to finish the book to get onto the third book in the trilogy. I have fallen in love with science fiction for the first time, and I believe I will continue to read similar books and it is all because of this series. If you are looking for a book/series to read, read this trilogy! You will not be disappointed! Happy reading and look for my next review of the last book in the trilogy – Shades of Earth!


Beth Revis’s second installment in the Across the Universe trilogy is a roller-coaster of human emotion. It follows the same characters as the first – Amy, the Sol-Earth human who was unplugged; Elder, now leader in charge of the ship Godspeed; Doc, the head doctor on the ship, and Orion, only in spirit through video. We were also given more interactions with lesser-known characters from the first book – Bartie, friend of Elder before he moved to the keeper level; Victria, love interest of Orion and friend of Elder, Luthor or Luthe, trouble maker on the ship and attempted to rape Amy in the first book. The book starts three months after Amy is unplugged, and from the first few chapters it is clear that the ship is slowly losing it because Elder has taken it upon himself to rid the ship of Phydus, which leads to the three main causes of discord on the ship – difference, lack of a strong central leader, and individual thought. Riots, killings, suicides, people becoming lazy, etc, begin to encompass the people and environment of the ship. Coming into the position of Eldest, Elder learns that the ship is off track because the ship hasn’t been moving since the plague, whereas before it was believed to have been moving slowly.

I noticed while reading this book, a lot of things were unclear in context, but held my attention long enough to make me want more. For starter’s, in the first book Across the Universewe had met Elder’s artistic best friend, Harley, and grown to love this small character before he was taken from us when he committed suicide at the end of the novel. In A Million Suns, we learn the back story of Harley’s girlfriend, Kayleigh, who had committed suicide. When they mentioned her in the first book, they wouldn’t talk about it – it wasn’t until the second where we learn about the details about her death.

Next, Orion – even though he is frozen in a cryo chamber – he has hidden videos for Amy to help uncover the ship’s secrets. Most of the clues are hidden in the fiction from Sol-Earth like Dante’s Inferno. All of the clues lead to one thing, the biggest secret of them all – the discovery of Centauri-Earth, Godspeed has been in orbit around it since the plague. Talk about a total shocker.

The biggest shock of it all was who was causing the murders. My first guess was Bartie, since he was the one trying to create a new system on the ship and every murder had the med patches with the words “Follow the leader”. But as the book continued I realized it couldn’t be Bartie, because being a leader for that many people scares the crap out of him. My next thought was Victria. She was sort of in a relationship with Orion before he was frozen and something just always seemed off about her, especially when she had pockets full of the Phydus patches all the time. But in the end it was the person we least expected – Doc, with help from Victria. He wanted to make sure they stayed on the ship, that they didn’t prep for landing on Centauri-Earth, and that the society went back on Phydus. But Elder and Amy couldn’t let that happen. They fought valiantly until the end. They ended up learning the cryo level is a contingency plan a.k.a. it’s own shuttle to make it to the new planet, but they give the option of staying on the ship to those who want it – and about eight hundred end up staying on the ship. The story ends just as Elder and Amy are ready to push the launch button on the cryo level to release the shuttle from the entire ship.


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