The troubles of a book worm post turned pointless

I have felt the same way recently due to school and life. Hopefully with this new blog, I can get back into my reading habits, and maybe put the technology down.

nocturnal lullby

The best time for me to read is late at night. I love crawling in bed with a good book and reading until the words start to burl. The problem with this is you wake up not remembering some pages or even chapters because you were half asleep as you read them.

The biggest problem that i have encountered is getting bored with every book i read. I used to read around 3-4 books a week and then i reached this point where it took me a week to finish one, if i even finished it. Every book i would pick up i would stop reading or it would take me forever. I thought i lost my love for reading (crazy thought i know). Anyway, i stopped reading for a month or so to see if it would help. I changed genres and tried to read books i usually did…

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